Auction Central Partnership w/ Crestline Auto Transport


Auction Central's Integrated Transportation Discount with Crestline

Auction Central and Crestline Auto Transport have partnered together in an effort to cut costs for all involved! This will give buyers the opportunity to package vehicles and reduce shipping costs to their dealer lot.


Vehicles must be within a 100 mile proximity

Vehicles must be purchased within a 36 hour window

After Completing the Purchase of a Unit

When clicking into the next vehicle’s VDP, you can view the regular transportation price and check if the unit is eligible for a discount. If there are other units available for purchase that are within 100 miles of the original seller’s dealership, the discount price will be labeled ‘Eligible Transportation Discount’ in a bold green font. This dollar amount represents the savings you can receive depending on Crestline’s criteria and rates. 

For example, if the regular transportation cost shows “$1,200” and the Eligible Transportation Discount displays “$400” in green font, that means your total cost can be as low as $800 and applied at checkout. Note: A VDP will not show an eligible transportation discount if no prior purchase has been completed within the given timeframe. This feature only applies if a winning bid is placed within 36 hours AND transportation hasn’t been scheduled.

Video Tutorials & Demo’s

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