New Chat Feature on Auction Central


A New Way to Communicate on AC

Buyers and Sellers Rejoice!

Auction Central has launched a new chat feature that allows buyers and sellers to have conversations on specific vehicles after they’ve run. With this tool, dealers will be able to chat in-depth about the particulars of the vehicle, including their price points, and streamline communication to assist with negotiations. Currently the chat feature is only available for cars that have already gone through the live auction and are located in the ended-section. In closed negotiations, conversations are reserved exclusively for the high bidder and respective seller. This will last until they reach the limit on the number of counter offers, or one party declines the offer.

Notifications and Accessibility

Both the buyer and seller will be alerted the same way when they have received a message. When you receive a message, a red badge will pop up with the number of open conversations you currently have. You may also choose to receive push notifications on your mobile device by adjusting the settings in your phone’s notification center.  Conversations can be accessed at any time by clicking on the chat bubble located at the top right of the Auction Central header page between the notifications and settings icons. Once you open the conversation, a simple chat box will open.

Interface and Visibility

Since buying and selling is anonymous, each chat has a randomized code that links to the respective VDP. Next to that, you’ll find three icons. The X closes the chat, and the dash minimizes it. A flag icon is displayed on every chat and may be used to report inappropriate behavior. Auction Central always aims to provide a respectful and professional environment for all of our buyers and sellers. The terms and conditions of our chat feature can be accessed by visiting

How It Works

To access the chat feature as a buyer, head on over to the ended tab within the auction section to view available vehicles. If “make an offer” is displayed in the description, you are able to start a conversation with the seller by clicking into the vehicle’s VDP and hitting “see conversations.” Here, you can message the seller and start a conversation. Just like many other messaging apps, you simply type your message and then press send when you are finished. You do not need to have an active bid on a vehicle to start a conversation.

As a seller, you can communicate with multiple buyers simultaneously when a vehicle comes out of closed negotiations. If the seller receives multiple bids on a vehicle, the conversation with the highest bidder will be labeled appropriately so you can easily prioritize who you choose to respond to. A seller may have conversations with as many buyers as they please. The only time a seller is limited to one chat on a vehicle, is when the vehicle is in a pending or closed negotiation state.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at or call our main line at (518) 501-1000.

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Matthew Prendergast

Matt focuses primarily on the operational side of AC. This includes generating leads for territory managers, implementing strategic email campaigns for potential customers and developing partnership opportunities with industry professionals. Prior to joining Auction Central, he gained valuable experience working in marketing roles within the sports media, nonprofit and restaurant industries. He is a graduate of Siena College (2020).

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