Sourcing Inventory Has Never Been Easier!


Why Do We Say This?

Well, for many reasons. We provide all the support and tools you need to make informed buying decisions, ensuring you’re comfortable using the platform and offering assistance every step of the way!

Gone are the days where you are bidding in a vacuum – with Auction Central, your entire acquisition team will know which vehicles are in play and where they are in the bidding process. Whether you’re a franchise dealer with GMs, UCMs and Pre-Owned Directors or an independent shop with a few hands on deck, team buying support is essential. If you’ve done any of the following, Auction Central has your back:

1. Bidding against someone else in YOUR dealership

2. Not knowing if another co-worker already placed a proxy on a particular vehicle

3. Wishing you could ‘share’ that certain unit with a member of your team

All of these issues are non-existent when you’re a member of Auction Central. You have complete visibility to all activity across your team. You can even share the condition report with your trusted mechanic for even more security and confidence. Seems like this should be a standard feature, right? We thought so too. That’s why we included this capability within our core platform and we think you’ll love it.

In addition, you’ll be partnered with one of our dedicated buyer representatives to work deals and negotiate on your behalf anytime day or night! Sure, you’ll be notified as well, but who wouldn’t want their own personal wholesale manager to deal with a few of the many vehicles you’re likely bidding on.

Don’t have the time to hop on a handful of online auctions plus the physical lanes you might be attending to find that diamond in the rough? No problem! We personally tailor your wholesale experience by sending you the vehicles you’re looking for on auction day. Simply fill out your preference form and be notified when we have units that fit your criteria!

One of our most innovative tools is our chat feature that allows buyers and sellers to have conversations on specific vehicles after they’ve run. With this, dealers will be able to chat in-depth about the particulars of a vehicle, including their price points, and streamline communication to assist with negotiations.

To start a chat, go to the “ended” tab to view post-auction vehicles. If “Make An Offer” is shown on the search page, you are able to start a conversation with the seller by clicking into the VDP and hitting “See Conversations.” Current or past conversations may be accessed by clicking on the chat bubble located at the top right of the header page. Best part? You don’t even need to place a bid on a car to speak about the unit!

Simply put, Auction Central offers dealers a chance to buy and sell inventory confidently and securely, ensuring accurate representation of cars and protecting both parties involved in the transaction. We’re ready to foster a new breed of auction – ‘looking to come along for the ride?

Picture of Matthew Prendergast

Matthew Prendergast

Matt focuses primarily on the operational side of AC. This includes generating leads for territory managers, implementing strategic email campaigns for potential customers and developing partnership opportunities with industry professionals. Prior to joining Auction Central, he gained valuable experience working in marketing roles within the sports media, nonprofit and restaurant industries. He is a graduate of Siena College (2020).

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