Where Are All The Auto Technicians?


The automotive industry in the United States is facing a significant challenge that could have far-reaching implications for both consumers and businesses. The issue at hand is a severe shortage of skilled auto technicians, a problem that has been steadily worsening over the years.

What’s Going On?

As of September 2023, the need for technicians in the automotive industry is estimated to be five openings for every active technician. This represents a significant increase from 2021 when the ratio was 2:1 with unfilled jobs at 258,000. According to one source, the shortfall may grow to 642,000 individuals by 2024. This could put considerable strain on new and used car dealerships, particularly as the industry struggles to get younger generations interested in this type of career.

The Impact:

The shortage of auto technicians has several implications. For consumers, it could mean higher car repair costs and longer wait times. For businesses, particularly car dealerships, it could mean a struggle to meet service demands, potentially affecting customer satisfaction and retention.

Why Is This Happening?

Several factors contribute to this shortage. One of the main causes is a general lack of interest among younger people in pursuing careers as auto technicians. Additionally, the increasing complexity of modern vehicles like Electric Vehicles, requires technicians to have far more advanced skills and training, further exacerbating the problem.

Looking Ahead:

Addressing this issue requires concerted efforts from all stakeholders. Initiatives aimed at promoting the auto technician profession among younger folks, coupled with providing adequate training and attractive compensation packages, could help alleviate the shortage.

As we move forward, industry leaders, educators, and policymakers must work together to address this challenge and ensure a sustainable future for the US automotive industry.

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